Q: How does The Étonnant work?

A: The Étonnant class and individual coaching is a styled shoot experience with a hand-picked team of wedding vendors, and location that is selected on mood-board criteria and is aligned with the vision of a wedding story concept put together by the team at The Étonnant. We create all segments of a wedding day, with ceremony, table-scape, florals, calligraphy, accessories, flat-lay station and portraits with models. 


The Étonnant guest/s will have a certain amount of lead time in each station before moving to the next. We want to give you plenty of time with each station to shoot your own vision and create your own detail and accessories shots. We will of course mention before each shoot who we will have hired as our couple for the day, who is the floral designer and what is the overall concept of the story you will be shooting. We will email across all of our participants social media tags as soon as they are secured for you to become acquainted with their work.


We are here to share our experience, listen to you and what you would like to achieve, we are happy to show you how we do things but ultimately we want you to be in charge of your own portfolio! Come and explore the opportunities to learn, experiment & capture your ideal dream weddings and clients!

Q: What is the investment cost?

A: The Étonnant masterclass investment starts from £165

Please note the number of spaces available for our guests wedding photographers and videographers are very limited should you wish to join us.

Q: Is there a teaching element to The Étonnant?

A: The Étonnant styling masterclass is designed to give our guests the maximum time to create and capture breath-taking images, grow in their craft, enjoy the experience and network along, therefore there is no teaching element attached to the event.

Q: How can I join The Étonnant masterclass social as part of the team?

A: Please get in touch for more information and let us know what you are interested in!

Q: How long does the masterclass last? 

A: The Étonnant masterclass will run between approximately 11 am and 5 pm. 

Q: Can I submit my work to wedding publications?

A: Of course! Attendees are welcome and free to submit to any publication of their choice!       

Q: I can’t come now, can I get a refund?

A: Please get in touch and let us know if you can’t come. Unfortunately The Étonnant can’t refund your ticket. Your space is valid for one year and is transferable towards a future masterclass which must be booked at least one month in advance. We hope you join The Étonnant soon!


More questions?

We are happy to answer!